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  • Custom desgined
  • great nightlife
  • Our Best Berlin Venues
  • NIghtlife Guide
  • Great for groups!

Original Berlin Tours is throwing down the ultimate Stag Party experience! We’ve been rockin’ Berlin for years, and now we’re here to give you and your crew the time of your lives.

Listen up because we’ve got all the bases covered for your epic night out. Picture this: paintball showdowns, beer-fueled bike rides, go-kart madness, pub crawls to remember, and yep, you guessed it – even some wild strip club action. We’ve got it all lined up. We are just waiting for you to dive in.

And here’s the kicker: Our local legends and globe-trotting guides are on standby to make sure you soak up the real Berlin vibe. Daytime adventures? Check. Nighttime shenanigans? Double-check. We’re talking about experiencing the city like a boss, from sunup to sundown.

Do you have a taste for the high life? No worries, we’ll hook you up with an expensive hotel fit for a king. More into that hardcore party scene? We’ve got the wildest hostels that’ll keep the energy flowing.

Ready to make this shindig happen? Hit us up on the phone or email us, and let’s plan the bash tailored to your crew’s wildest dreams. Original Berlin Stag Party – it’s going to be legendary!


  • Beer Bike ride around Berlin
  • Tour of the Berlin’s best pubs
  • Authentic German beer and brats
  • The best German techno
  • Free shots
  • Drink specials
  • VIP Club Entry
  • One wild night!

Never been to Berlin before? Not a problem! Get to know the city from a beer bike – pedal around town and take in the sights, all while competing against your mates to see who can drink the most! Once the beer has run out and you’ve had enough of the sightseeing, one of our veteran tour guides will take you out for a meal to soak up that beer. Whether you’re looking for schnitzel, bratwurst, or something different altogether, we’ve got you covered. Be careful not to overeat though; after your meal you’ll be visited by a few gorgeous local ladies who’s only aim is to get your heart racing and your blood pumping. By the time the women are through with you, we’re sure you’ll be starting to build up a thirst again, so next on the program is a tour of Berlin’s nightlife. Your guide will escort you to a few of our favorite bars, each one offering free shots and drink specials to help make sure your stag has the night he’s always dreamed of. The night will conclude with VIP entry into one of Berlin’s most popular clubs (open 24 hours) where you can dance to the best of German techno and party until you can no longer stand.

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